Unique Animals Found In India

As per the facts presented by wwf, the asiatic lion can be only found in india. Here's a new list of 21 more animals you've most likely never heard of, and probably won't see prancing around your backyard anytime soon.

10 Critically Endangered Species of India Critically

Gujarat in india is home to a large population of asiatic lion aka the indian lion or persian lion.

Unique animals found in india. Destination specialist, arabella, advises on the top ten animals to see in india with information on where and when to see them and some fun facts too! Wild boars can thrive in different types of habitats. This list of mammals of india comprises all the mammal species alive in india today.

Found only in namdapha national park, arunachal pradesh dr. It is one of the smallest vertebrates and the smallest animal to live on the world’s land. These are definitely some of the unique birds found in india.

They might not be as famous as tigers or elephants but these creatures are also some of the exotic species found in the wildlife destinations of india. Avinesh prahladi from chandigarh on november 07, 2013: Some are too large, and some are too small, making them unique animals in the world.

Rohan rinaldo felix from chennai, india on november 12, 2013: India is one of the hottest biodiversity hot spot in the world and home to some of the most amazing and unique species of wild animals. Gujarat in india is home to a large population of asiatic lion aka the indian lion or persian lion.

They look nothing like everyday frogs, however. Adults often grow to more than 8 cm long and can inflict a painful bite. It is a type of ox with relatively long hair and massive built with a drooping head that could stand about 6 feet tall at shoulder.

These animals have a special role to play in the ecological balance. Found only in the rainforests of madagascar, its bright yellow stripes and barbed quills signal danger for predators, especially when the tenrec vibrates them. Yes, the animals of the indian himalayas are pretty interesting and unique.

The 1,400 sq km sasan gir wildlife sanctuary in gujarat is the last royal refuge of the asiatic lion. Here we are listing out some of the exotic animals found in the indian himalayas. The wild boar is a widely distributed mammal that found throughout the asia, northwest africa and europe.

Many of these animals are extremely rare, and just a few lucky people have seen them in the wild. India is the abode to various animals and plant species. Today, they only live in mountain forests scattered across three indian states:

See more ideas about animals, animals beautiful, pet birds. In the early 1970s, they still ranged through the southern third of the country. Although they were poached quite a bit for their horns, there has been a decline in this crime since strict laws were put into place to stop this species from extinction.

There are several animals that are unique and rare in india, including the indian (or asian) elephant, the snow leopard, the indian rhino and indian tigers. Besides their unique and striking purple color, they are shaped like a lump and possess features that seem deformed when compared to a regular frog. So many creatures that i've seen for the first time here.

Know some of the exotic animals found in india. It was subsequently described as a new species called the namdapha flying squirrel (biswamoyopterus biswasi). Theses unique animals are the only mammals known to use stridulation for generating sound, a method more commonly associated with insects and snakes.

According to the iucn red list by the international union for conservation of nature there are also 48 critically endangered plant species in india as of 5 september 2019. Flying squirrel from namdapha, tirap district, arunachal pradesh in 1981. The red panda is among the endangered animals of india on account of.

As their name makes clear, these frogs are found in india, specifically in the western ghats mountain range. The unique animals of india are nilgai black bucktree shrewspiny dormouse and some species of indian macaques. Many of the carnivores and larger mammals are restricted in their distribution to forests in.

Asiatic lion also known as the indian lions are listed as endangered and only found in and around gir forest national park of gujarat. There are animals that look like hybrids of other creatures, and there are animals that look like nothing else in the world. Here is the list of wild animals only found in india, endangered and endemic.

This species was introduced in the year 2009. Karnataka, kerala, and tamil nadu. Some of them are common to the point of being considered vermin while others are exceedingly rare.

These are certainly some amazing and unique animals. The king of the jungle reigns supreme in india. Gujarat lion is one of five big cats inhabit india others being the bengal tiger and indian leopards.

What are some endemic species of india? India forms a large part of the indomalayan biogeographical zone and many of the floral and faunal forms show malayan affinities with only a few taxa being unique to the indian region. The diverse wildlife is preserved in over 120 national park and 500 wildlife sanctuaries across the country.

Primarily found in the trees, indian leopards are distinct from other leopards for their larger spots (or rosettes) and coat colors, which vary depending upon their habitat. Many species are known from just a few zoological specimens in museums collected in the 19th and 20th centuries. Rosettes, like a tiger’s stripes, are distinct for each animal, with no two sets being exactly alike.

As an alternative to traditional african safari destinations, india offers one of the best safari experiences with a plethora of wildlife some of which is unique to the country’s national parks and reserves. Of the wide variety of animals in india, some are restricted to the asian continent while some are native to the country. Below are some of the animals native to india, their physical characteristics, and interesting facts about them.

Endangered animal found in india. The species lethocerus indicus is found in the floodplains of northern india, around the rivers ganga and gandal, for example. The unique forms includes the snake family uropeltidae found only in the western ghats and sri lanka.

There are some truly bizarre animals in the wild. They can even find in the himalayan range. As per the facts presented by wwf, the asiatic lion can be only found in india.

Here are 15 animals from around the world that have very unique looks. These species are only found in regions of the himalayas and hence it is very exciting to know about them. Namdapha flying squirrel now lives only in.

Shyamrup biswas of the zoological survey india collected a unique. Earth is home to different types and of animals that have distinguished sizes. There are 16 different subspecies of wild boar in the world.

The 1,400 sq km sasan gir wildlife sanctuary in gujarat is the last royal refuge of the asiatic lion. What animals live in india? The ganges river dolphin is primarily found in the ganga and brahmaputra rivers and their tributaries in bangladesh india and nepal.

Wild yak is one of the most popular and widely seen animals found in himalayan region of india and you can’t get enough of this hairy animal which is considered as domestic by the locals. The king of the jungle reigns supreme in india.

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