Endangered Animals List In India

Unfortunately, india is also home to 57 species of animals that are classified as ‘critically endangered’ by iucn. This animal looks very unique due to its body structure that resembles both, a swine and an elephant.

The Asiatic Lion, or Indian Lion, is listed as Endangered

List of endangered animals in india in 2020.

Endangered animals list in india. There are only a few hundreds of these remaining. Endangered wildlife species in india. I ndia is a peerless abode of wonderful and exotic animals.

Among the six species of river sharks found across the world, the ganges shark is one of the endangered animals in india. The country harbours a charismatic mixture of wildlife species. List of endangered aquatic animals in india.

List of endangered animals of nepal 1. The world is filled with endangered species of animals, many of which can be found in india. With less than 2,500 remaining around the world, the iucn lists malayan tapir as an endangered wild animal in india.

India used to be a rich habitat for many species of animals. India is still home to some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, there are 400 wildlife sanctuaries and 80 national parks in india, which give shelter to the wide range of wild and endangered wild animal.because of deforestation and other human activity wild animals lost their habitat and reached at risk of become extinct. Here is the list of some of the prominent endangered animal species in india:

It is included in the endangered animals list as the extent of its occurrence is less than 5,000 km². The royal bengal tigers which are popularly found in the state of bengal at the salt water reserve are amongst the most well known of the endangered species. Red panda (ailurus fulgens) red pandas are found in the western forests of nepal and the southwestern mountain slopes of china.

Listed by the iucn as of 2012: Here is the list of 5 critically endangered species in india with images. While some of these species are critically endangered, some are near threatened and some are even extinct.

June 5, 2020 8:11 am ist Critically endangered species of india according to red data book 2012 of iucn: One of the critically endangered bird in india is the himalayan quail (ophrysia superciliosa).

There are many other animals in danger of extinction in india, some are doing better, and others are doing worst, but at the end all of them are being threatened: Wayanad mahseer (barbodes wynaadensis) neolissochilus wynaadensis is an endemic types of fish, confined to the wayanad district of kerala and encompassing territories in south india. In 2017, iucn found seven major threats to the malayan tapir population in india.

The land of india is a home for numerous species of flora and fauna. Iucn red list india (as of march 2019) ‘critically endangered’ mammals. In 2013, the number was 973.

Most popular endangered animals species in india: This post is a detailed list of the critically endangered animal species in india. 132 species of plants and animals from india as critically endangered“ 6.

Here's the list of 9 most critically endangered species in india that need our protection more than ever. Iucn red list category and criteria: Some of the endangered animals of nepal are listed below:

It is generally found in the lower ganga, mahanadi and bramhaputra, and especially river hooghly in west bengal. 310 species were listed as endangered ones, including 69 fishes, 38 mammals and 32 amphibians. With 659 species in 2008, the.

Animals in red zone the critically endangered list included 18 species of amphibians, 14 fishes and 10 mammals. Unfortunately, the tigers aren´t the only ones who suffered the consequences of human actions. Here are 20 such endangered animals inhabiting the jungles of india, which need to be saved, else the future generations might just not get to see even one of them.

List of critically endangered animals in india: The country harbours a charismatic mixture of wildlife species. Asiatic lion the entire population of the species is mostly found in india, and it is now restricted to gir national park.

Great indian bustard the world renowned great indian bustard, is one of the most critically endangered birds in the country today. The golden lion tamarin monkey (leontopithecus rosalia) is found in the lowland coastal region of the state of rio de janeiro, brazil. As many as 151 endangered species of plants and vertebrates have been identified in telangana, said to be exclusive to the state, after a meticulous scientific survey was done here for.

In india, there are 70+ critically endangered animals and 60+ critically endangered plants. These include birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, spiders, and corals. Some of them are endangered and some are critically endangered wildlife species.the shelter to a wide range of wild animals is one of the most exciting characteristics over here.

Some of these endangered species are exclusively seen in india. The intervention of humans has exposed them to the risk of endangerment and even extinction! Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year, national endangered species day will be celebrated through online campaigns and events.

Jeopardized wayanad mahseer populace has quickly declined by fishihg and unlawful chasing for sustenance that happens. Due to excessive population in the saltwater estuary regions. There are more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries and 100 national parks which give shelter to an enormous number of endangered and wild animals.

There are also 15 bird species in the category. 300+ animals fall under the category of endangered while 140+ plants fall under the category of endangered. Check out the list as we celebrate world environment day.

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