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These species are sometimes considered nasty, although some of them are not that dangerous. The galapagos giant tortoise (chelonidis nigra) is a global symbol of slowness, although it is not as slow as folk tales would have you believe.this species is the largest tortoise in the world, and it's also the slowest reptile.

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Different animals have different kinds of strength.

Big animals in the world top 10. Many animals possess strength that even the strongest humans could only dream about. Lions, leopards and other big cats 2. Top 10 most dangerous fishes in the world (world’s deadliest fish teeth, photo list).

Share on facebook share tweet on twitter. Small, soft, furry ones to huge, muscular giants that can hunt you down in minutes, top 10 favorite furry animals in the world All species of tiger are critically endangered because of poaching and habitat loss.

Below the sifter looks at 15 of the largest animals in the world, classified by various categories such as mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians etc. It is considerably weak when compared to bite force of other big cats like jaguar or tiger. Why is rabbit not at the top of this.

The average weight of an animal: It inhabits two regions quite far from each other, the galapagos islands in the pacific ocean and the aldabra atoll in the indian ocean. They weigh up to 3.5 ounces (100 g), grow to a length of 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) and are brown/black/white in colour.

Ligers are the world’s biggest cats, with the combined strength of a lion and speed of a tiger. Many people are terrified of spiders and others find them simply fascinating. Europe, asia, america, australia, and africa.

Onager can cover up to 70 kilometers in one hour. Capybara is the friendliest animal in the world. Top 10 most colorful animals in the world.

At the top of the antarctic animal food chain, these curious animals are known for dragging humans below the water. The colorful coat or feather of some species are truly amazing and incomparable. Even the small, as well as big animals, will be hazardous.

They live everywhere with the exceptions of air and sea. An argument can be made that some dogs are cutter than rabbits, but some species of dogs (aka the smaller ones) are loud, unfriendly and annoying. All over the world species can intermingle and create some of the most amazing offspring you almost can't believe them.

Some have pure brute strength and are capable of lifting, dragging, carrying or pulling enormous weights. Animals in the world can be measured by several criteria, such as weight, height, length. World’s top 10 species of wild big cats the big cat species are world’s apex predators, differences in size and color.

Also, big cats are among the top tourist attractions in countries where they are found. Like the cheetah, the lion can only manage their top speed for short bursts, meaning they need to stalk close to their prey and work as a team to ensure. From the scaly to the slimy to the downright ugly, check out the world's ugliest animals animals list.

Top 10 (plus) hybrid animals of the world. Spiders are found worldwide on every continent except for antarctica. Our world is full of creatures big and small, short and tall.

There’s an incredibly detailed list of some of the world’s largest organisms (including plants, fungi, bacteria, etc.) on wikipedia, check it out if you enjoy lists as much as we do. This list takes into account the maximum rates of weight, which the animals can reach … by antelope park. Big animals rare animals animals of the world cute funny animals cute baby animals animals and pets strange animals unusual animals majestic animals.

The largest terrestrial mammal in the world is the african elephant which by temperament is one of the most extroverted animals under the sun. Over 11 feet high, these ancient beings can grow to weigh up to 6 tons, according to the world wildlife fund. (10.6 m) and stand up to 13 ft.

Rabbit rabbits are small mammals in the family leporidae of the order lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. Belonging to the hydrochaeridae family, capybara is an exceptional rodent and also the largest in the world. When the land area of these 10 largest nations is summed up, they make up 49% of the earth’s total size of 149, 000, 000 of land.

Terrifyingly, it has been known to eat or chew on people in their sleep. Don’t be fooled by the enormous size of this mammal. It can span in length up to 35 ft.

The cougar, commonly known as the mountain lion, comes on the number eight in the list of the top ten most dangerous big cats in the world. Every animal on earth has some kind of attraction. We kill more other humans than all the other.

You can find all sorts of animals on this planet. They're herbivores, just like most of the biggest animals, partially because there are plenty of plant resources for them to chow on. Top four largest living species of wild big cats that are able to roar includes tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards caracal,eurasian lynx,serval,golden cat and other species of wild cats also includesiberian lynx,bobcat, black panther,white tiger,indian bengal tiger and indian lion.

They are no doubt very strong and very amazing big cats that can easily attack and kill other animals with the force of their jaws, they are proved very dangerous for pets and small kids. The list includes only animals living on land. As you know, a lion is regarded as the king of a jungle.

The african elephant weighs up to 6,350kg (7 tons). Here, feast your eyes on the 10 most ugly animals in the world. Their gigantic size having weight around 16,000 pounds make them massive enough to compete and destroy everything.

Here are top 10 fastest animals in the world. The followings are 10 most colorful animals in the world. Top 10 most dangerous game animals to hunt.

Let’s discuss the most dangerous animals in the world. Humans are the most dangerous animals in the world. Here are top 10 among the friendliest animals.

From sea creatures to land animals. Hiding in the undergrowth of african tropical forests, goliath beetles take the top spot as the heaviest insect in the world! Blue dart frog is a member of.

The only member of the big five animals to make this list of fastest land animals, the lion is the fastest big cat in the world (a cheetah is not a big cat!) with a top speed of 80 km per hour. 8500 kg maximum weight of the animal: These largest nations in the world are spread across 5 different continents, namely;

The liger is a hybrid offspring of a male lion and a female tiger with an average. This big boy is typically found in southern africa. Spiders have eight legs and chelicerae with fangs that inject venom.

Nilgai or blue bull is the biggest asian antelope and one of the most commonly seen species of wild animals in india. It is one of the most intelligent animals in the world that seems friendly and cute but one the other hand it is extremely dangerous animal that can smell from a mile away and has huge hearing ability because of its big ears. Nilgai is a diurnal creature found inhabiting.

Tigers are the biggest cats and one of the best animals in the world with 5 subspecies spread over the climate of asia and russia. Lion’s bite force only measure 650 pounds per square inch (psi). Here is the list of top 10 biggest cats in the world, biggest cats 1.

From sea creatures to land animals. But when checking the biting force, he is far away from other big animals in the cat family. Such species are found in different parts of the world.

Top 10 largest animals in the world. Rabbits are the cutest animals ever.

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