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During the age of dinosaurs, there were also enantiornithine birds, also known as opposite birds, because their leg bones fuse in the opposite direction as ornithurine birds. Anything associated with animals is strictly prohibited, bird nest comes from the saliva of the bird, so it is directly link to the animal.

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All living birds are ornithurine birds, also called modern birds.

Are birds animals yahoo answers. They share a common ancestor. Get answers by asking now. Answers in genesis is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of jesus christ.

Herbivores, carnivores, birds, and primates. Who is stronger than gorilla & a bear? Birds have very poor sense of taste.

I am afraid that animals such as insects, squirrels, deer, raccoons, mice, rats, birds, ect. Can the world strongest man beat a gorilla & a bear? Just make sure you cook it well in case it has some sickness.

Anyways, chickens are birds because they have wings, feathers, beaks, and their feet match that of other birds. Predators have eyes on the front of their heads, prey have eyes on the side of their head. Emu, ostrich, penguin, and i'm pretty sure flamingos can't either.

Instinct drives some of the feeding behaviors. Though note that humans are more valuable to god, than animals, though animals are valuable to him. In general though i prefer suburban or even country rats/mice and such over those eating trash in the more urban areas.

The same thing applies to kids. Join yahoo answers and get 100 points today. Many people every year are bitten by dogs.

Why the animals and birds are getting extincted and why the insects are increasing in earth?. The person who attracts animals are also more liked by children. What are the examples of amphibians, fish, birds, mammals and reptiles?

Some people have a way with animals where birds, cats and dogs approach them without fear and viceversa without the animal getting spooked. You can keep breaking down the groups, they are archosaurs, and believe it or not they are also dinosaurs;. These birds are smarter than dogs and while dogs can understand comands like, sit, stay, and ball parrots like greys can actually ask for an apple if you teach them what an apple is.

Examples amphibians fish birds mammals reptiles 4 each: Keeping chickens is easy or hard? Yes, birds are animals.they belong to not sure if it's class aves or subclass aves.but they are animals

Platypus habitat shrinks by almost a quarter as scientists warn species now ‘threatened’ the independent via yahoo news · 2 weeks ago. This behavior is learned for the most part. Birds do not have a sternum bone.

Looking to trade my umbrella cockatoo for an african grey young bird where do i go to be safe ? They are in the class known as aves. Learn more customer service 800.778.3390

A bat is a mammal in the order chiroptera. Chickens are birds, and technically all life on earth disregarding o,ants are animals. Who is stronger african lion vs siberian tiger?

Yes it is edible along with all kinds of rodents and other small game. Are there any pets or animals that are racist? Also, many birds can't fly.

Elephant seals, bears, squirrels, leopards, tigers are some of the other animals that are territorial. In addition to injectable insulin, special diets may also help control diabetes. Well for one most birds can fly and most animals cannot.

I need the answer as soon as possible please. Bunnies, parrots (birds) cats, dogs, ferrets or other, are the best animals to have as a pet? Can fleas live in hay?

For the most part these birds are mimics, but to a large degree they also learn and their vocal chords are highly advanced. Dogs evolved from wolves, and dogs are territorial too. Will eat them and i will not have any pumpkins ):

For instance insectivores will be looking for insects and worms while seed eaters will focus on plants. Platypus habitats have shrunk by almost a quarter over the past three decades, leading scientists to. Birds nest soup does not include.

Join yahoo answers and get 100 points today. A to z list of aerial animals and birds? Eyes on the front indicate a potential predator to the bird

The improved air quality and reduced ozone pollution that followed the 1970 passage of the us clean air act and later amendments have saved the lives of 1.5 billion birds. Killer whale vs great white shark? Another person can try the same thing and the animal will get spooked or attack the human.

Join yahoo answers and get 100 points today. Their most distinguishing feature is that their forelimbs are developed as wings, making them the only mammals in the world naturally capable of flight (like animal),(though other mammals, such as flying squirrels, gliding flying possums and colugos, can glide for limited distances). I need 4 example for each?

They select their food more by sight. Saltwater crocodile vs saltwater shark? I am planning on planting pumpkins and i really want them to be big and healthy for halloween.

I have lost 3 pet cats, one was found dead 13 years ago, one grew old and sick 8 years ago and i lost one last year because of old age. Watching parents and watching other birds and animals. Yes, they are animals, they are also a group of animals called vertebrates.

Python vs the world strongest man? Well it's nice to see someone with the same level of compassion for animals, but i don't buy from pet stores and i research what i want to get, my husband likes animals but he's not keen on it, most of the animals i have now were abandoned or neglected, or both. 🙂 birds have feathers, animals have.

However they are not mammals, although they are warm blooded. John saw animals in heaven in the revelation: However, they are coldblooded, which does not.

Sorrow gets better with time, my cats will always be in my heart but i can't grieve forever.

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