Pushing yourself further towards the line

19 Oct

Starvation and over-exercising leaves us cranky, tired and fatigued. Hence, it is very important to lead a proper and sensible life, where weight won’t seem like a huge problem to counter. People lose weight everyday and from a very personal experience, I can say that it feels amazing when you lose weight and look younger and slimmer. There is nothing like looking good. You will not what is right for you and what is not, when you get into the habit of it. Whatever I have learned from my experience, I would say that staying consistent is the mantra. You should never ever give up on eating the right food and exercising the right amount. They are the basics and they will sure to show great results sooner or later.

Eating with your mind

You will have to be sensible. My instructor would tell me that for having a proper meal, one only requires three things a plate, chair and the right food. Always sit at your dining table while having any meal. It is better to have your meal in a small plate as it will fit in fewer amounts and you will be able to keep a check. Posture also matters a lot. Do never have your food on the sofa or on the bed. If you are not sitting straight, you food will not get digested evenly. Also, do not sneak around looking for food in the car or the refrigerator. If you feel hungry at odd hours, try to drink water or have something fat-free like popcorn. Eat only when you are hungry and not because you have nothing better to do.

Exercising your will-power

Our mind is stronger than our body. If you feel that you are unable to push yourself harder into leading a healthy life, make use of your will power. Assert your goals and stick to it. Try to focus on what you want to achieve and do not divert from it. Once you decide what you need and what you don’t, nothing will be able to stop you from doing so. If you want a healthy and problem-free life for yourself, no one other than you can help yourself. Set your goal and be determined to work towards it. Once you will reach the right weight, you yourself will feel good about it. Your will-power has tremendous caliber to push you through.

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How difficult is it to lose weight?

14 Sep

If you feel that losing weight is a big deal then you are definitely right. But, that does not mean that we lead an unhealthy and unfit life. If weight is not managed at the right age then there can be a host of physical problems which will be waiting for you in your old age. Diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and chance of heart stoke are the common consequences of overweight of obesity. So, if you feel that losing weight does not come easily for you as it does for your cousins, you will have to find out where you are going wrong.
Give away your love for carbohydrates

Carbohydrates like bread and pasta are great weight gainers and the more you eat them the more you will be looking like a potato! Though, they make some amazing dishes, you will have to give away your love for them for a period when you are trying hard to lose weight. I found it very difficult to give up on pasta and white bread. But, at the same time, I knew how much damage they are doing to my body. My dietician instructed me that food made of white grain products like sandwiches, spaghetti and white rice is stopping me from losing weight and that I should give up on them. Though my heart cried while giving them up but it cried even more when I saw my protruding belly. The simple carbohydrates are more damaging for our body as they get digested easily. Thus, we become hungry before time and eat all sorts of rubbish. If you wish to follow Venus Factor, you will realize that there are some happy substitutes of these carbohydrates. One can do with more green vegetables and brown rice. Chicken salad and carrot dips would be great alternative as they would keep your stomach full for a longer period.

Importance of exercising

Without exercising you cannot hope to lose weight. I loved dancing and that what helped me to lose all the extra weight I was carrying during a phase. Venus Factor Review will tell you how helpful have the weight loss regime helped women of all ages. An important factor of all the prescribed weight loss solutions has been exercising. If you feel that you are too busy to follow a strict routine every day, then 30 minutes of cardio is what you will require doing. Cardio exercises are all that that gets your heart pumping. They are very helpful in upping your metabolism and soothing your blood flow. Thus, they will help you lose weight from the belly and thighs. I picked up such a cardio routine, which exercises all the major muscle areas of the body. Dancing, aerobics, swimming and acrobatics are great cardio exercises and half an hour of cardio can burn as much as 200-300 calories.

Lessen your Television time

You can never imagine that Television actually makes you gain weight. Expert surveys have proved that people who watch TV for long hours have the propensity to eat junkies during those hours. You get so engrossed that you do not check the amount of chips and pizzas you keep on munching on. This is actually dangerous and can totally upset your weight loss regime if you are putting control in a lot of areas. So, try to lessen at least half an hour from what you actually watch. I am sure there would be at least one program you can clearly do without. Your life will be better organized and you will not out in all those extra weights which upset your routine.

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Remembering the basics of weight loss

05 Jun

Weight loss is not rocket science and can be achieved by anybody who wishes to live a fit and healthy life. All you will need doing is being alert and conscious of what you eat and what you should not eat. I have been into the fitness field as a fitness trainer for 8 years and I know how overwhelmed people become when they talk about weight loss tips and ideas. But, losing weight can be as easy as loving yourself, if you make plans to be consistent in your approach. A lot of people have come to me, saying that diets don’t work for them. This is a wrong thought. What most of us forget is that people have body types. If you are having the right diet that suits your body and lifestyle, it will show effect soon.

Need for life-style change

If you are eager to lose weight only because you have a party next week then your approach is surely wrong. Going a short-term diet can help you lose weight only for a certain few days. It won’t be late when you put back all the weight and then you will be looking like you did earlier. My suggestion would be to not make a momentary diet plan, but a lifestyle change. You will have to change the way you think and give up all your bad habits. Go slow and steady with the process and it will become easier for you to adopt a new and improved lifestyle. Drastic alterations do not last long. Hence, you can be at a risk to losing patience. Give up on alcohol smoking and unhealthy foods gradually. Switch to more green vegetables and fresh fruit juices. Have your food at the right time and go to sleep at the right time. These basic things affect your weight loss and health tremendously.

Get into a support group

Losing weight alone does not always work. If you feel that you need motivation and a pushing-factor to get going with your regime then get into an online weight loss group. Today, there are several of them. Here over-weight people collaborate and discuss lifestyle and weight loss issues. They try to compete with each other and motivate each other into losing weight gradually. When you know you are not alone in the race and there are other people too, the urge to bring on the change comes up. Also, you can team-up with a few friends and decide to go for gymming sessions together. The more you compete and discuss, the more your knowledge will improve and the more you will lose weight. I always suggest my clients to set a goal. Like if you plan to lose 20lbs at the end of the week, be so dedicated and involved that you actually do it. Have patient dedication and do not divert from your intentions. Once you achieve that after a week, the following weeks will become easier as you will gain confidence.

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